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We are based in our market and can refer to a long-standing experience in this market. In this way we are in the situation to judge strengths and weaknesses of a real estate investment properly and to give expressive expertise to value and risk relations.

We define ourselves as qualified consultants of our mandators - both with investment and also desinvestment. It is our task to arrange the complexity of the real estate business in a manageable and understandably way. Efficiency is our focus.

> The creditor banks are supposed to be able to concentrate on their nuclear business of financing while we are solving the distressed credits in the best possible way
> The Investors are supposed to focus on their portfolio while we are advising on single assets with and specific market factors
> The Debtors are supposed to reconsider only realistic solutions while we are checking these and bring them on its way.

We are a companion in the entire transaction process and can bring in our services at (almost) all interfaces effectively. In this way we create synergies and save time and money.