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Investments are an important element to take care on future developments. Real estate investments have a special significance on that.

The of  real estate financing looks back upon the longest history at our company. Our extensive experiences in this segment bring us clear advantages in every market situation which you can profit by. Identical whether new- or intermediate- or refinance - are our objectives are strong financing . We consider the requests of our customers and guarantee best possible conditions.

To that we cooperate closely with all leading German credit institutions on decision maker level. A4RES group is “Premiumpartner der Deutschen Bank”.

We advise our customers about the available financing options, create a financing and investigate as well as examine the required securities. We regard it as our task, to advise and to accompany you in all financing matters - begun at a first consultation, about the successful end up to the last payment.

We do not define ourselves as an anonymous internet finance service provider, but we put value onto comprehensive and personal consultation. The financing offer will be transparent and be discussed openly and intensely. We check in particular:

> financing purpose and possible financing constructions> available securities> own and external part of the financing
> conditions of different credit institutions> sponsorships for special financing reasons

Upon request we consult for you also the tax accountants in order to optimize our financing offer under tax points of view.

You will find information on the financing requests in our service area

Let us talk about your financing needs! On basis of your requests private equity, interest conditions, deletion and term variants we will surely present you interesting an offer.
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