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Insolvency sale

An insolvency procedure is a judicial procedure. It is used for the equable satisfaction of all if their debtor is insolvent or heavily indebted. The enterprise insolvency as common procedures as well as the consumer solvency as small procedures are to be differentiated.Procedure openingThe insolvency can be applied for by a or by the debtor at the insolvency court, when excessive indebtness or insolvency occured. If the court opens the insolvency procedure, the debtor loses the right to have his property. The decreeauthorization passes onto the insolvency  who takes the entire property into possession  legally. Further execution measures are forbidden.Procedure realizationAfter the insolvency  screened the property and examined their usability, he can sell these in a freehand way or bring them to auction without separate approval. The utilization is being practiced on three different ways:> liquidation: The entire property becomes sold within the framework of a "forced sale"> recapitalization: After the recapitalization the profits fall to the  > transfer: With the sale of the enterprise onto another enterprise the purchase price is used to the satisfaction of the .Unlike the pure forced sale, no fundamental liability exclusion exists  a sale within the framework of the insolvency. The insolvency  is responsible for the tidy and conscientious realization of the insolvency procedure and is liable for possible damages within the framework of the utilization, in particular> sale of the enterprise under price> realization of the insolvency procedure in exaggerated hurry> recognition of unauthorized demands> lapse to add accessible capital values to the insolvency mass>  of the enquiry duty with regard to documentsProcedure endThe proceeds achieved from the insolvency mass are used first to the settlement of the procedure costs as well as to the compensation of the insolvency (Measure cost contribution). In addition achieved proceeds are distributed onto the .Within the framework of the insolvency procedure the possibility to obtain a judicial remaining faultliberation exists. enterprise insolvency demands of the  who could not be satisfied on completion of the insolvency procedure from the insolvency mass foreclose permanently. Natural persons have, in the case of remaining fault liberation, to demonstrate of a good conduct phase. Within this phase distrainable purchases are to be handed over to the . If no remaining fault liberation was announced through the court, the  can assert their remaining demands again without limitation within the framework of the single execution.We help our mandators with their intention to acquire real estate properties from the insolvency mass. We carry out an own appraisal of the property and negotiate with insolvency  and  about a realistic purchase price.In our search data base you find therefore only properties that we can show in this public frame without any abuse of the confidentiality.We refer to our fundamentally practiced way of business, that our service is free of commission in cases the forced sales. Commission agreements exist with the . This means that we turn over comprehensive information on the property with knowledge on your full contact information only.      



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